effervescent salt for flatulence mal-digestion & hyperacidity sugar free

¤ Fawarcid® has a highly palatable and pleasant taste. The formulation is combining three ingredients for flatulence, indigestion, hyperchlorhydric dyspepsia and  urine alkalinization.

¤ Fawarcid® is sugar free, so it is  the drug of choice for patients on low- carbohyrate regimen.

¤ When Fawarcid® is added to water, the contents of each sachet interact to give carbon dioxide , sodium tartarate and sodium citrate.

¤ Administration of such a mixture during effervescence results in :

  • Immediate and rapid antacid action due to the neutralization of HCL in the stomach by the unreacted sodium bicarbonate with a rapid improvement of dyspepsia caused by hyperchlorhydria.
  • The gentle pressure induced by carbon dioxide stimulates intestinal peristalsis  while the produced sodium tartrate causes mild laxation due to its poor absorption .
  • Sodium citrate is metabolised in the body to sodium- bicarbonate which is excreted in the urine causing an increase in its pH to the alkaline side. This is useful in reducing irritation in inflammed urinary tract  and when long-term maintenance of alkaline urine is desirable as in patients with urinary urate and cysteine calculi and during treatment with sulfonamides .

Each sachet of  Fawarcid® contains: 

  • Sodium bicarbonate            2.5     gm
  • Tartaric acid                       1.1      gm
  • Citric acid            0.376    gm
  • Flavour base                  q.s.             
  • Flatulence and indigestion associated with hyperchlorhydria.
  • Adults: The content of one sachet to be added to a half glass of water and taken while effervescing after meals.
  • Children (3 to 12 years): Half the adult dose.
  • Box containing 6 or 12 sachets.
  •  Keep at 15ºC -30ºC , protect from moisture.