Plant Facilities

Global Pharma Company

Global Pharma company is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Republic of Yemen. It is characterized by its sweeping to the local market with many specialized and non-specialized pharmaceutical products. It occupies the first rank in achieving the pharmaceutical sufficiency of the Republic of Yemen. The company has many production lines which achieve high production capacity, Of pharmaceutical companies competition. The company follows international cGMP rules and practices in all stages of manufacturing and control of pharmaceutical products. The company has a number of systems to facilitate production processes.

Ventilation System
  • Consists of ventilation units containing special filters for air purification.
  • Controls the temperature, humidity, pressure and the rate of air change.
  • The possibility of controlling the air circulation rate within production areas so that it is suitable for work.
Electrical System
Special Electrical System Consists Of :

  • Two electricians capable of supplying all sections of the company with sufficient energy.
  • Three-phase, 380 V and 50 Hz; for machinery and equipment.
Water System
It Will Consist Of Water Treatment Unit And Exchange Of Ions, Which Are Working To Prepare Pure Water Completely Drinkable This Unit Is Characterized By :

  • The unit of de-ions have the ability to purify and filter the water at the equivalent of 3000 liters per hour..
  • Pure water product rotates in SS316L pipe network 24 hours non-stop
Fire Protection System In Case Of Occurrence
Compressed Air System
  • Free Of Oil And Filter Provided To All Production Units And Service Units.
Maintenance & Preventive Maintenance System

A specialized department undertakes the preventive and curative maintenance of the units and machines located in the company in order to maintain the machines and equipment in good conditions of operation, avoid the sudden breakdowns and failures and restore them to normal condition during the breakdown, to obtain high quality production lines to meet the required specifications in terms of quantity, , As well as occupational health and safety requirements.

Environmental Conservation and Monitoring System
  • Microbiological analysis of all types of water.
  • Ventilation system control.
  • Separation of industrial drainage from sewage to prevent pollution.
  • Production equipment and machinery are of high quality and do not affect the environment.
  • Microbiological screening system for all manufacturing personnel.
  • Special limits to control the environment developed after evaluation and statistical analysis.
Special Authentication System
Where Documents Are Controlled By :

  • Instructions include (Main formula, Manufacturing procedures, Approved manufacturing instructions, Operation instructions, Improvement by R & D department, Development by R & D department).
  • Review and approval of documents are done by ( Technical Director, Quality Assurance Manager, Director of R & D Department, Production Manager).
  • Prepare, review, distribute and store documents by Responsibility of the Documentation Department.
Manufactory (Production Management)
The production management of Global Pharma Company consists of

  • Liquid drink line (1) and liquid drink line (2).
  • Nasal and ear drops Line.
  • Creams, ointments and lotions Line.
  • Line of suppositories.
  • Line tablets and capsules.
  • Line switches.