Responsibility towards the People

The company business strategy is based on innovation and its main source of innovation is the employees. GLOBAL PHARMA motivates, develops and retains its talented employees to help them perform at high levels to continuous success. The company treats its employees with respect, and transparency, honesty and dignity are the foundations of its relationships. We are equal opportunity employers and we follow fair practices in relation to all employment issues.

Responsibility towards the Society

Global Pharma is committed to corporate social responsibility and compliance with all applicable laws, including in particular those related to the environment, occupational health & safety, ethical business practices and labor and employment. GLOBAL PHARMA is socially responsible and recognizes the need to live in harmony with and contribute towards improving its community. Based on the social responsibility, GLOBAL PHARMA supports associations and charitable funds that provide their services to the poor and displaced people, in addition to, the company supports chronic disease associations. The company is training a large number of students of Colleges of Pharmacy and Health Institutes annually, and the company's technical staff contribute to help students who are conducting research and graduation projects.

Responsibility towards the Environment

Global Pharma is committed to environmentally responsible operations, which ensures minimal adverse impact on the natural environments where we have presence , and includes using natural resources wisely and considering the overall impact on the environment. The company also contribute, where possible, to projects and initiatives that promote and act upon the protection and preservation of the environment.