Calcium Effervescent Granules
  • Cal-C-Forte® contains calcium carbonate and vitamin C.
  • Calcium is important for bones, nervous system,muscles, immune system, heart and circulation. Under certain circumstances, the normal supply of calcium is insufficient to cover the daily requirements.
  • Vitamin C plays a capital role in the formulation of bones, teeth and connective tissue, and in maintaining the natural defenses of body against cold and influenza. During normal times, the daily Vitamin C requirements are covered by a balanced diet. A supplementary supply of Vitamin C is justified during periods of increased requirements.

Each sachet of Cal-C-Forte® contains :

  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)        1000  mg
  • Calcium carbonate                1000  mg

Cal-C-Forte® is used:

  • When the Calcium and Vitamin C requirements are increased, e.g.: during pregnancy, nursing, child hood, Puberty and in old age.
  • To maintain the body’s defenses in the event of colds and influenza; during convalescence.

Cal-C-Forte® is contraindicated in:

  • The case of hypersensitivity to any APIs of the medicine;
  • The case of increased levels of calcium in the blood (hypercalcaemia);
  • The case of increased in urinary calcium excretion(severe hypercalciuria);
  • And in the case of severe impairment of kidney function (severe renal failure).
  • Cal-C-Forte® can be used during pregnancy and lactation, under the agreement of a doctor.
  • Cal-C-Forte® can cause mild digestive upsets such as bloating and flatulence have been observed during treatment in rare cases.
  • Adults and school children: one sachet daily.
  • Children aged 3 -7 years: ½ a sachet daily.

*If you have the impression that the medicine is acting too weakly or strongly, please tell your doctor or pharmacist.

¤ The content of one sachet to be added to a half glass of water and taken immedieaitly after effervescing.

¤ Patients on a low- salt diet must take into account that Cal-C-Forte® Contains large amount of sodium  bicarbonate.
¤ Prolonged treatment with large doses of
Cal-C-Forte® may promote the formation of kidney stones (especially if not drinking enough water). 
¤ Unless prescribed otherwise by your doctor, do not take vitamin D during treatment with
¤ If you are taking
Cal-C-Forte® with tetracycline,an interval of at least 3 hours must be kept between the doses of two medicines.
¤ Please tell your doctor or your pharmacist if :

  • You are suffering from another illness. 
  • You are allergic.
  • You are already taking other medicines. 

¤ In diabetics, Vitamin C may perturb the analysis of sugar in the urine: So diabetics are advised to interrupt medication with Vitamin C for several days before this analysis.

  • Pack of 10 sachets. 
  • Store in a dry place, at a temperature below 25 °C.