neurotropic vitamins
  • Neuromax® combination of vitamin B1,B6 and B12 which  are of particular importance for normal function of the neural metabolism .Like all other vitamins, thay are essential nutrients which the body cannot produce itself.
  • The efficacy of the combined vitamins B1,B6 and B12 contained in Neuromax® is superior to that of the individual vitamins alone . The effect of Neuromax® in disease of the nervous system involves compensation of accompanying  vitamin B deficiencies and stimulation of natural healing processes in the nervous tissue. At the same time , the analgesic effects of the Neuromax® favorably affect the therapeutic result.  

Each tablet of  Neuromax®  contains :

  • Thiamine nitrate ( vitamin B 1 )            100mg.
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride  ( vitamin B6 )    200mg.
  • Cyanocobalamine (vitamin B12 )              200mcg

¤ For the supportive treatment of neuritis and noninflammatory disease of the nerves,eg:

  • Pain and/or paralysis in the facial nerves(trigeminal neuralgia,facial paresis).
  • Ischialgia. 
  • Pain in the area of the intercostals nerves, cervical vertebral column, shoulders and arms , as well as of the lumber vertebral column.
  • States of irritation due to diseases of the vertebral column . 
  • In patient with known hypersensitivity to any drug ingredient.
  • Neuromax® can reduce the effect of L-dopa drug against Parkinson’s disease due to vitamin B6 in high dosage. 
  • Antiacids inhibit the absorption of vitamin B1
  • No adverse effects during pregnancy  have so far been reported after intake of vitamins B1,B6 and B12 in the recommended dosage.
  • No studies are available on possible accumulation of the vitamins in breast milk beyond the normal rang.
  • In the individual case the doctor decides whether Neuromax® tablets should be taken during pregnancy or the nursing period.
  • Report of  Rare hypersensitivity reactions ( e.g. skin rashes ,reddening , vesicle formation) After taking of vitamin B1,and` also of vitamin B12 in large dose.
  • Please consult your doctor or pharmacist if you are concerned about this or any other side effect. 
  • Generally: one tablet 3 times daily.
  • The tablets should be taken with some liquid after meals.
  • You should inform your doctor immediately of any signs of side effect or in the case of pregnancy.
  • Blister of 10 tablets, pack of 2 blisters. 
  • Hospital packs with different sizes. 
  • Store in a dry place at a temperature below  30 °C.