Vaginal Antifungal Agent
  • The active component of  Lomefent® is Fenticonazole nitrate that is an imidazole antifungal agent with antimicrobial activity against some gram-Positive bacteria and is therefore indicated in mycosis associated with bacterial super infections .
  • Fenticonazole nitrate exerts fungistatic and fungicidal actions on dermatophytes (responsible for most mycotic skin infections) pathogenic yeasts, dimorphous fungi and moulds. 
  • Lomefent® is active, both in vitro and in vivo,against trichomonas vaginalis .  

Each ovule of Lomefent® vaginal ovule contains :

  • Fenticonazole nitrate    600 mg Or 1000 mg

Each tube of Lomefent® vaginal Cream contains :

  • Fenticonazole nitrate     2%

Lomefent® are indicated  for the local treatment of :

  • Trichomonas vaginalis .
  • Vaginal infections sustained by mixed forms of Trichomonas vaginalis and candida albicans .
  • Genital candidiasis (vulvovaginitis, colpitis, infectious fluor) .
  • Hypersensitivity to Fenticonazole nitrate .
  • Due to the limited systemic availability after vaginal application, clinically relevant interactions occur very rarely.
  • Contact should be avoided between latex products (such as contraceptive diaphragms, condoms) and Lomefent®, since intra vaginal preparations of fenticonazole may damage the latex . 
  • Use during pregnancy: Although transcutaneous and vaginal absorption of Fenticonazole is very poor, use of the preparation is not recommended in pregnancy .
  • Use during lactation: It is not known whether intravaginal  Fenticonazole is excreted in breast milk.However, problems during lactation  have not been documented, caution should be considered. 
  • Lomefent® are usually well tolerated . Some adverse reactions have rarely been reported including local irritation or sensitivity include mild burning sensation, erythema, and vaginal itching . Should more persist irritation occur or resistant micro-organism develop, suspend the treatment and seek the doctor’s advice . 
  • Due to Lomefent® poor absorption, no systemic effects should occur, provided the above instructions are carefully observed.  

Lomefent® 1000 mg vaginal ovule :

* Trichomonas or mixed ( trichomonas and candida albicans ) vaginal infections :

  • One 1000 mg ovule followed by a second administration 24 hours later, when necessary .

* Candida albicans infections :

  • One 1000 mg ovule followed by a second administration in the evening . Should the symptoms persist, a second administration may be repeated after three days .

Lomefent® 600 mg vaginal ovule:

  • One 600 mg ovule at bedtime followed by a second administration 3 days later if symptoms persist. 
  • The ovules must be introduced deep into the vagina and pushed well up to the fornix .

Lomefent® vaginal Cream:

  • One applicator full (5 g) is administered into the vagina morning and before going to bed for three days.
  • If local irritation and hypersensitivity reactions occur,treatment should be discontinued .
  • General hygienic measures should be observed to control sources of infection or reinfection.
  • Appropriate therapy is indicated when the sexual partner is also infected . 
  • Lomefent® 600 mg ovule: (Pack of one ovule) . 
  • Lomefent® 1000 mg ovule: (Pack of one ovule).
  • Lomefent® Vaginal cream: (Tube of 30 g with applicator).
  • Store in a dry place away from light at a temperature below 30 0C .