Locain® gel
local anaesthetic
  • The active component of Locain® gel is Lidocaine HCL which is a local anaesthetic.
  • Lidocaine stabilizes the synaptic neuronal membrane by blocking the exchange of ions across the membrane which leads to the cessation of neuronal transmission.
  • Systematically, if the concentration of Lidocaine in blood increased to a high level following absorption, the cardiac output might be affected because of changes in the peripheral vasoresistant.
  • Following local application on mucosal membrane, Lidocaine is absorbed and only a slight decrease in blood pressure would be noted if usage is limited to the local recommended dose.

Locain® gel contains:

  • Lidocaine HCL    2%

¤ Locain® gel is used as a local anaesthetic in haemorrhoids, skin burns, ulcers and insects bites, local anaesthesia for relief of pain in urinary catheter.

¤ Nasal and pharyngeal cavities in endoscopic procedures such as gastroscopy and bronchoscopy.

¤ All cases which required narcosis of urethra for scopy:

  • Urethral dilation.
  • Urethral catheterization.
  • Sounding vesical.
  • Local treatment for painful urethritis.
  • Prevention and controlling the pain during the surgery operation in the male and female urethra.
  • Hypersensitivity to Lidocaine HCL.
  • The safety of this drug in pregnant women has not been proved yet, however; Locain® gel used with caution during pregnancy and lactation.
  • It is no common for side effects to appear in normal topical uses of Locain® gel but in someases of anaesthesia in urinary catheter, the doctor may have to use large amount of gel which might lead to increase of Lidocaine concentration in blood.
  • May appear sensitive reactions as dermal lesion, urticaria, edema and anaphylactic reactions.
  • It is applied in a thin layer on skin in cases of skin ulcers, burns, haemorrhoids, and insect bites.

In cases of urinary catheter:

  • it is left to the doctor to decide upon the dose, which might range from 15 ml to complete tube.
  • The plastic cone is sterilized for 5 minutes in boiling water, cooled and attached to the tube instilled gel slowly into the urethra by pressing gently the content of tube until patient feeling ension or until half the tube is emptied (15 ml equivalent to 300 mg Lidocaine HCL ).For several minutes fixed plastic cone at urethra inlet, the remain quantity of gel is emptied .
  • Often need the content of one tube for filling and dilation male urethra for catheterization, a volume (5 -10 ml equivalent to 100- 200mg Lidocaine HCL) are usually adequate for lubrication.
  • Over dosage may increase Locain® concentration in serum causing dangerous adverse effects, so must necessity with dosage and physician instructions.
  • Locain® gel : aluminum tube 30 g with adapter for catheter.
  • Store at temperature below 25°C.